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The Frank Accountants Ltd
An accounting team built and led by women who specialise in managing and operating accounts, finances and are reputable tax advisors in the UK. The Frank Accountants Ltd moto is ‘Big enough to manage, small enough to care’ which outlines the transparency of the company’s mission. The company takes pride in being friendly whilst maintaining a professional standard, being informative to all clients regarding their businesses and companies regardless of their financial situations. This female operating team is from the new generation of accountants that are approachable and conscientious and have more than 40 years experience in accountancy and business management.

The set-up of account systems which includes implementing the latest software applications available and assist to set up bank accounts. To provide services to all types of charities, community interest groups, companies and social enterprises. Our services include bookkeeping, accounting and consultancy. We will use our niche expertise to advise and guide you, to help complete the research and development claims as a self-contained separate document or any variation. We adjust our services to comply with the needs of each of our customers, their accountancy partners and clients. We provide tailored services to suit individual needs, whether construction or a freelance photographer, we have an accountancy package built to suit you.

We provide all the required services to set up a new company
Limited company accountancy services which include; - registering your start-up business or company with the required tax departments, specialised VAT, tax and PAYE - provide tax planning advice - end of the financial year company accounts - dividend advice for directors and company payroll, plus ensure compliance with the new RTI rules, and a quarterly management of accounts. We will look after our client's affairs our own. We strive to be helpful, punctual and high performing.
We work with many charities on a global scale in all aspects
We have worked closely with numerous charities for 20+ years and acknowledge the importance of having accountants that understand the complexity of charitable finances and international funding. The accounting requirements needed for charities are specific and specialised according to the charity and industry. It operates differently to commercial companies. Corporate trained accountants will not be able to guide and advise you with charity reserve policies, help to claim gifted aid or generate and maintain successful management of accounts for the Board. The simplest task of book-keeping for charities requires specialised knowledge and training which comes with experience in the direct field.
We specialise in research and development tax credit claims
We can easily identify R&D projects that are eligible for the scheme and focus on all legitimate qualifying costs to produce accurate and sturdy claims that are resilient to questioning. We offer and suggest to our client’s businesses opportunities that encompass research and development tax credit schemes for the future.
所在地: 1ST Floor Office, Aspen House, West Terrace, Folkestone Kent /

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