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Cloud based International Accounting & ERP service

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Strong Security Environment

Over 1,500 companies across 33 countries
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DISTINCTIVE FEATURESVarious functions of GLASIAOUS match to the needs of each corporation.

Cloud-based international Accounting and ERP services for corporations anywhere in the world
Our services are available in various countries and regions beyond physical distance, time zones, languages, and institutional boundaries.
Support for Local Regulation
Comply with regulations in major countries, including taxation systems, reporting formats, and business practices.
Multiple Languages & Currencies
Seven languages can be switched freely. In addition, as many foreign currencies as needed can be registered, and automatic calculation of foreign exchange gains/losses are supported.
Choose best suits your corporate size, business type, and level of growth
Options range from bookkeeping services to using an ERP system for in-house purposes.
Intuitively grasp through a dashboard.
Graphical confirmation of credit and debt settlement information as well as simple PL and sales/cost analysis
View transactions instantly with a flowchart.
Click on each voucher from the transaction flow to understand the detailed contents.
AI support streamlines work
Chat GPT-equipped Chatbot facilitates system installation, setup, and questions at any time. The system answers not only text, but also images and links to related pages for easy-to-understand explanations.
Versatile and diverse functions
Functions for accounting, receivables and payables, sales/purchase/inventory, and manufacturing performance and cost control.
Review and output reports with flexible analysis items
Supports Budget vs Actual performance management, and allows you to set analysis items for each department, segment, etc., to realize management accounting necessary for business decisions.

OVERSEAS BASE MANAGEMENTGLASIAOUS lead you One step Ahead Management

GLASIAOUS Consortium
Leading accounting firms and IT companies, forming consortium together, enhanced functionality based on the latest accounting and tax requirements. In addition, Provides bookkeeping, tax filing support, consulting, and advisory services that cannot be handled by systems alone.
Strong Security Environment
Security Back Up
Uses Azure, a robust cloud infrastructure. Possesses communication encryption, vulnerability countermeasures, and the appropriate data back up. Annual uptime of 99.5% is guaranteed.
IT control and data detection functions
Role access control and authorization functions based on job authority, as well as monitoring of fraud through log management and data detection functions.
Third-party certification
SOC1Type2, ISO*, and Privacy Mark certified to guarantee the operational system for handling personal information and services.
Strengths as a cloud service (SaaS)
Monthly usage fees allow for a low initial investment, and the service can be used from any location with Internet access. Proprietary technology ensures stable use even overseas, where communication speeds tend to be limited.
Extensive experience & reliability of the developer
Business Engineering Corporation (listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime), a long-time developer and seller of packages, provides the service.
Extensive maintenance and support
Questions can be asked through a dedicated inquiry site, and operational support is provided by our experts with GLASIAOUS functions. FAQs are available on our Web.
Quick Start
Provides a set of documents (video + manual) that can be introduced in-house with no implementation costs. Start using the system within a minimum of 5 days.


The sole cloud-based international Accounting & ERP service focused on cost-effectiveness and rich features.

CONTACTGLASIAOUScan match business management to each location.

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What does make GLASIAOUS different from other cloud accounting?

(1) supports multiple languages and currencies
(2) provided on highly secure Microsoft Azure, accessible anywhere in the world
(3) has the wide coverage from accounting to purchase/sales as an ERP
(4) Service & support by the professionals in international accounting in addition to the IT solution

In which countries is GLASIAOUS available? Any region unavailable?

Anywhere in the world where the internet is available. GLASIAOUS has been selected by 1,400+ companies in 33+ countries, including Japan, China, ASEAN countries, India, Europe countries, the U.S. and some African countries. Our availability is not regulated by country or region. For more details, please contact GLASIAOUS Team.
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How many languages does GLASIAOUS support?

The display languages are English, Japanese, Chinese(Traditional & Simplified), Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian(as of June 2020). It accepts data input in languages other than the display language.
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How much is the monthly subscription fee of GLASIAOUS?

You can start at JPY 29,800 per month. The fee depends on the scope of functions you subscribe. For more details, please contact GLASIAOUS Team.
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How long does it take to start using GLASIAOUS?

5 days at the earliest. See the steps of implementation [here].

CONTACTGLASIAOUScan match business management to each location.

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A "consortium" has been formed by leading accounting firms from Japan and abroad, as well as IT companies. The consortium provides bookkeeping services, advisory services, and tax filing support that cannot be provided by a system alone.

CONTACTGLASIAOUScan match business management to each location.

More details, please check our Brochure first.