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What’s GLASIAOUS Consortium

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Our mission

Leading accounting firms and IT companies, forming consortium together, share knowledge and experience to establish the de-facto standard of cloud international accounting.

Each member retaining own vision, we together study the needs among global businesses to be the best service provider.


We hold General Assembly, Business Strategy Working Group, and IT Development Working Group, alll of which are run by GLASIAOUS Consortium members. The organization is run by executive members (up to 10) and the secretariat company.

Executive committee

BDO Tax Co.
Managing Partner
Nobuyuki Nagamine
Vice Chair
JCTax & JCAccounting(Nagamine & Mishima Accounting Office)
Shinya Nishi
ASAHI Tax Corporation
Senior Partner
Ichiro Yamanaka
BBS (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Takafumi Yamamoto
CaN International Holdings Inc.
Kouji Hisano
Global Innovation Consulting Inc.
Overseas Strategy Division
Division Manager
Masato Matsuura
Global Partners Consulting Pte. Ltd.
Managing Partner
Yasuo Sekiguchi
Hongo Toyo Accounting Co., Ltd.
Managing Director
Hiroshi Sato
Tokyo Consulting Firm Co.,Ltd.
Yusuke Kobayashi
Meinan Keiei
Meinan Global Partners
Mitsuru Kondo