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Foreign owned
Accounting Data of the Japan Subsidiary Available at the Headquarter in Germany / Paperless Teleworking Supported by Use of Cloud/Pieroth Japan K.K.

Pieroth Japan K.K. (Pieroth Japan), headquartered in Germany, replaced its accounting system with GLASIAOUS – the cloud international accounting & ERP service provided by Business Engineering Corporation(B-EN-G), by which they have overcome time-consuming manual work and duplicate inputs.


  • All the outputs (general ledger, financial statements etc…) available only in hard copy
  • Paper-dependent approval process taking much time
  • Manual translation and currency conversion for reports to HQ
  • Data available anywhere in multiple languages and currencies
  • Non-Japanese speaking director refer to the data directly in English / Speedier reporting to HQ
  • Work that used to require 5 accounting members is now processed by 4.

Keywords : paperless / digitalization of approval process / automation of report / prevention of multiple input of the same data / efficient input with use of Excel form / less personalized work / speedy reporting to the HQ


GLASIAOUS met their requirements for data linkage with their core system, availability in Japanese and English, and compatibility with their original format of BS/PL.


Indispensable platform for accounting in the with-corona era
Pieroth Japan K.K.
Accounting Division Manager
Mr. Manabu Nakada
Paper-dependent process increasing the burden

Pieroth Japan, as the Japan subsidiary of Pieroth Wein AG, the wine trading company in Germany with over 340 year history, imports wine to Japan and runs some wine bars. In response to the epidemic of COVID-19, they are also expanding internet sales with the vision

“To create supreme experience for the customers”.


However, their business system had been too outdated to support their operation. The old system worked off-computer, and the accompanying accounting system had been introduced over 20 years ago.

According to Mr. Manabu Nakada, the accounting team manager, “The problem was that the system output everything in hard copy.”

Accordingly, the approval process was totally dependent on paper. They filed the approved documents, replaced with the new ones after every fiscal closing, and stored the old ones in the designated warehouse – they had to carry the boxes filled with paper physically.


Pieroth Japan, realizing the inefficiency, launched a project to replace the accounting system.

Pieroth Japan K.K.
Process manager
Ms. Nahoko Rokugawa
Available in Multiple Languages, Supports the Original FS Formats

Ms. Nahoko Rokugawa, in charge of internal process control and system selection in this project, describes the primary reasons for choosing GLASIAOUS as following;

“We needed the accounting system that supports CSV data linkage, as our core system exports data for accounting as CSV files. It also counted that it is available in Japanese and English, as the headquarter needs English reports on a regular basis.”


Pieroth Japan found that GLASIAOUS meets both of the requirements. Expecting it to improve their efficiency, they decided to introduce GLASIAOUS as their new accounting platform in June 2019.


Ms. Rokugawa tells “In particular I like the function that creates vouchers by copy & paste. GLASIAOUS also supports the complex structure of our organization.”


GLASIAOUS was ready for use in approx. 3months after their decision. Pieroth Japan started parallel use of the old system and GLASIAOUS in September 2019, and then proceeded to single use of GLASIAOUS in October.

Pieroth Japan K.K.
Accounting department
Ms. Tomomi Yamauchi
Smarter Accounting with Less Human Resources / Cloud Platform Lets the Members Work from Home

GLASIAOUS has transformed their daily work in many ways.

While they used to format PL and BS to the HQ manually, GLASIAOUS creates them just by one click.


Flexibility in search function proved another advantage for them.

Ms. Rokugawa comments, “Our director is impressed with that he can see in English how much purchase was made at which point of time, from which supplier and in which currency.”


Availability of multiple currencies helps the accounting team do their work correctly. They used to input the amount in Japanese Yen in the system and compare the resulting closing balance with the amount in US Dollar and Euro calculated on an Excel table.

As GLASIAOUS accepts inputs in different currencies, they make much less duplicate inputs and no longer need the Excel table.  


The approval process was digitalized, which has shortened the time it takes.


Ms. Tomomi Yamauchi, an accounting member, describes the advantage she enjoys as following;

“Unlike the previous system, GLASIAOUS does not force us to remember all the accounting codes. It also lets us see the created vouchers promptly on the screen, while we had to output in paper to do the same thing before. Using the function that creates a voucher by copy & paste from the Excel form, we now input the data that used to take 30 minutes in 5 minutes.”


Mr. Nakada adds, “4 members process the work that used to require 5 staff. As GLASIAOUS is SaaS, we can work anywhere the internet is available. Due to COVID-19, we started teleworking and shift system – I’m frightened when imagining what if we kept using the old system. GLASIAOUS perfectly suits our current accounting. I’d like to improve our efficiency further by making full use of it.”


Client Profile
Pieroth Japan K.K

Foundation: April 1st, 1969
Capital Amount : JPY 950 million
Business: Direct Sales Dept, Business Sales Dept, Wine Bar Dept, Telephone Sales Dept, Internet Business Dept and EC Dept imports wine and run wine bars.

Pieroth Japan K.K. started on May 17th 1974.
With its vision “To create supreme experience for the customers”, approx. 600 employees at 36 sales office deliver over 1,600 kinds of wine -ranging from daily wine to the highest grade of the famous chateau - from 16 countries to 200 thousand customers in Japan.