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GLASIAOUS Case Studies
GLASIAOUS helps HTA solve accounting and tax issues for international corporations in Thailand.

Hongo Toyo Accounting Co., Ltd. (HTA) is a Thailand-based accounting firm and uses GLASIAOUS developed by Business Engineering Corporation (B-EN-G) to manage bookkeeping functions. The Cloud accounting app allows easy access to financial information of the clients in Thailand from its Japanese headquarters anytime.

  • For client companies: Comprehension issues with local accounting items and financial statements in Thai / Constant personnel changes interfere with the continuity of accounting data upkeep.
  • For own accounting functions: Too much time and efforts wasted in generating and sending financial data to clients.
  • For client companies: Access to financial data at HTA Thailand from the headquarters made available anytime, in preferred format and language.
  • For own accounting functions: Improved customer satisfaction with simplified process / hassle-free service delivery enabled by Cloud

     〇 Multi-language functionality         

〇 Multi-currency capability                              

        〇 Compatible with multiple accounting standards

              〇 Cloud-based solutions for multi-location businesses


GLASIAOUS allows seamless Japanese-Thai information exchange and flexible work arrangements for Thai employees.
Hongo Toyo Accounting Co., Ltd. Managing Director
Mr. Hiroshi Sato
Accounting excellence: multi-language, multi-currency and multi-standard Cloud solutions.

HTA is a member company of Tsuji Hongo Tax Accounting Corporation (THTA) headquartered in Japan. As one of the largest tax accounting businesses in the country, THTA has a workforce of 1,102 employees in 58 local offices. Armed with ample experience and expertise, the Japanese company has advised professionals from more than 10,000 corporations.


HTA makes customer satisfaction the highest priority. Together with its joint venture partner Toyo Business Service PCL, the company is proud to be a leader in providing one-stop services including setting up a business, bookkeeping outsourcing, monthly tax filing, and reporting outsourcing in Thailand.


HTA used to carry out accounting tasks on a US standalone system. Itcould be time consuming to generate financial information for clients to share with their Japanese headquarters.


“We used to export data such as balance sheet, profit/loss statement, trial balance from the old accounting system to an Excel spreadsheet and sent to each client by email,” said HTA managing director Mr. Hiroshi Sato. “It took so much time that it gave our people occupational burnout. Cloud application was the obvious answer to enable our clients in Thailand to share financial information anytime with their Japanese headquarters. GLASIAOUS came up as a right accounting software.”


Mr. Sato recalled that he had known a thing or two about GLASIAOUS back in his days in Japan and said, “I was thinking it would provide such advantages to our clients – Cloud accounting in multiple languages, easy transactions in multiple currencies, and statements conversion from one accounting standard to another – brilliant idea!”

Hongo Toyo Accounting Co., Ltd. Juniour Consultant
Ms. Satita Ratanasuwan(Bing)
Centralized accounting system improves operational accuracy and efficiency.

Switching to the highly sophisticated GLASIAOUS system could pose some challenges for local Thai personnel to completely get the hang of it. Operational manual itself would not be enough to get the most out of the numerous functions offered by the system. “Thai society is generally conservative and traditional. Most of the local employees are less open for new and challenging situations,” said Mr. Sato.


Mr. Sato therefore thought of promoting a knowledge sharing culture in its Thai office. “One of our Japanese-speaking employees Bing attended the GLASIAOUS training in Japan and she could then share her learning with the Thai team,” said he.


“I was overwhelmed at first with all the amazing functions offered by GLASIAOUS,” said Ms. Satita Ratanasuwan (Bing), HTA’s accountant. “Not long after, I’ve learned to appreciate the convenience the technology brings. I can now make data adjustments right away upon requests.”


If a client, for example, requested HTA to submit the financial consolidation by the 15th each month, the GLASIAOUS’ automated workflow would provide a common platform for HTA to input and modify data while their clients could access the results simultaneously. The process is made much more timely and accurate.


“Some clients found it hard to comprehend some of the locally-centric data from Thailand even if it’s translated into English. They can now get a full picture of the Thai business as GLASIAOUS is also supported in Japanese,” said Mr. Masaki Iguchi, HTA general manager.


The mobility granted by GLASIAOUS Cloud application adds further benefits to the users. “Our people can now opt to work from home if they so require with the new Cloud system. Also, our Thai team can now get technical support in Thai language with the launch of the local help desk. We certainly expect to see GLASIAOUS becoming even more intuitive and user-friendly to local users,” Mr. Iguchi added.

Hongo Toyo Accounting Co., Ltd. General Manager
Mr. Masaki Iguchi
GLASIAOUS gives HTA a competitive edge in Thailand

“Some clients are already considering adopting such a Cloud solution where the invoices could automatically be kept in a journal. Others have contacted us for accounting outsourcing support when there are staff changes such as resignation, a common market phenomenon in Thailand. GLASIAOUS has provided us the tools required to fulfill our clients’ needs,” said Mr. Iguchi.


Mr. Sato is also impressed with how GLASIAOUS has added to HTA’s core competencies as few other accounting firms in Thailand has such cloud-based service offerings. “Our parent company HTTA is now planning to roll out the same GLASIAOUS platform in Myanmar. With the backing of B-EN-G, we certainly look forward to taking our customer satisfaction to the next level with the benefits brought by the single accounting system in our global offices,” he commented.


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Founded in 2017, HTA is a joint venture between Hongo Tsuji Tax Accounting Corporation and Toyo Business Service PCL. The firm is dedicated to providing top-notch accounting and tax services for Japanese companies expanding into Thailand. Apart from the presence in Thailand, Hongo Tsuji Tax Accounting Corporation has also set up offices in Myanmar and Cambodia to support Japanese businesses in achieving international growth in the markets.

Hongo Toyo Accounting Co., Ltd.