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GLASIAOUS Case Studies
10-minute report compilation on GLASIAOUS wins praises from international clients based in Japan – “Smartest solution to reduce overtime at the beginning of each month”.

Nagamine & Mishima Accounting Office(*) (N&M) has been helping international businesses navigate accounting and tax issues in Japan. Renowned for its efficient and flexible services, N&M has further added value to clients with the deployment of GLASIAOUS – a Cloud-based accounting app developed by Business Engineering Corporation (B-EN-G).

*Renamed to "JC Tax & JC Accounting" in March 2020.


  • Having a large number of disparate sets of accounting systems (10 at its peak) to learn stressed out employees, and was a hindrance to manpower allocation flexibility.
  • Report translation (Japanese-English) was a time-consuming process and translating a monthly report could take up to two hours per
  • Foreign accounting systems did not comply with the requirements of Japanese tax rules.
  • Service delivery requires only half the number of systems and leads to operational efficiency.
  • Client report generation and translation now takes only 10 minutes each.
  • A tedious five-man job can now be done by just three with little overtime involved.

〇 Multi-language functionality                          

〇 Multi-currency capability                                

            〇 Compatible with multiple accounting standards

                     〇 Cloud-based solutions for multi-location businesses

〇 Responsive and flexible help desk               


Powerful functionality: multi-language and multi-currency features.
No local accounting systems can rival its versatility.
Accounting Group / PartnerMr. Nishi Shinya
Multiple accounting systems hurt efficiency.

In the past, N&M used to provide accounting and tax services for Japan-based international businesses with a local accounting system. The process of report translation was a must as the system only supported the Japanese language.+

According to a partner at N&M, Mr. Shinya Nishi, most of their clients, if not all, would require the reports be presented in English.  

Some clients would even request N&M to input data in their own preferred system – that led to a situation of the N&M team having had to work with as many as 10 different systems at one point. It required a lot time for the staff to learn to use a specific system, and job swapping was impossible as no two systems were the same. “We must break down such data silos and achieve more operational flexibility,” Mr. Nishi commented.


The solution was GLASIAOUS. “The goal was to eliminate duplication of effort and non-value-added manual processes. We were looking for growth and efficiency,” said Mr. Nishi. “We had checked out different international vendors with English functionality, but none complied with the Japanese tax rules, though. We would, therefore, still have to perform certain tasks manually. It was 2015 when we were introduced to B-EN-G’s GLASIAOUS, and learned about the multi-language, multi-currency Cloud accounting system. We decided to give it a go.”


N&M first launched the GLASIAOUS services for new clients only. The accounting firm has since been working on transitioning all clients to GLASIAOUS unless otherwise specified. The total number of subscriptions to N&M’s GLASIAOUS services has reached 100.

International Tax Group/
Senior Staff
Mr. Takita Kodai
A two-hour reporting process cut down to 10 minutes. No more overtime work at the beginning of each month.

Improved efficiency is one of the most significant benefits brought to N&M by GLASIAOUS. Clients often request financial statements in various formats. It could take at least a couple of hours for each client report depending on the complexity of the format. With GLASIAOUS, the job can now be dealt with in about 10 minutes. All that’s left to do for N&M is to notify the client the reports are ready via e-mail.

“Clients seldom would be able to submit the required data for reporting in one go,” said Mr. Nishi. “Our team must re-do the financial reports every time they sent us additional expenses and sales data. Thanks to GLASIAOUS, we can now simply make necessary modifications to the reports online as our clients are allowed real time access to the updated data.”


“GLASIAOUS has enabled us to share the workload of account payables and receivables data entry that we could never manage to do before,” said Mr. Takita Mitsuhiro, a senior staff in N&M’s international tax group. “The standardized operation platform has improved productivity greatly. We used to deploy a five-man team at the beginning of each month, working very long hours, to compile the reports. We can now get the same job done with three staff members with minimal overtime involved.”


The benefits presented by GLASIAOUS are immense. “The old system that we had did not support foreign currency items. With the GLASIAOUS multi-currency solution, we no longer have to do the calculation manually for data entry,” added Mr. Takita. “The new system is easy to use and intuitive once the initial setting is fixed. Our people have definitely agreed that GLASIAOUS surpasses the previous local systems. The swift response from the B-EN-G help desk also gives us peace of mind when we encounter any technical issues. We are very satisfied with the service quality.”

GLASIAOUS’ single system platform increases productivity and service offerings.

N&M has been able to reduce resource waste caused by the use of multiple systems before. They can now deliver the same services with half the number of systems as compared to the pre-GLASIAOUS years.

In addition to accounting services, N&M also plans to use GLASIAOUS for processing payments. Mr. Nishi expects to integrate the two separate workflows when more advanced functions become available on GLASIAOUS in 2020. “We look forward to seeing the automation of expense data entry when connected with AI-OCR. We have high hopes that B-EN-G will deliver even more product enhancements and quality customer support,” he added.


JC Tax & JC Accounting(Nagamine & Mishima Accounting Office)