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2023 11.09THU
【Webinar】What you need to know to comply with the legal and tax requirements/obligations in Japan
Zoom Webinar BDO Solicitor Co./BDO Tax Co.



Japan’s corporate legal and tax obligations are complex, and complying with Japanese regulations are not easy and time-consuming for foreign companies. All regulations are stipulated in Japanese, and it is rare to find accurate and detailed information in English. As BDO Japan has been assisting our multi-national clients in complying with their annual legal and tax obligations in Japan, our experts will share what you need to know about the legal and tax obligations of running a business in Japan. Please join us on Thursday 9 November at 3pm (Japan time).





Our agenda will include:

- Reporting requirements
- Key compliance deadlines
- External audit requirements
- When you need to update the company register
- Required items for shareholder/director resolutions
- Japan corporate income tax and consumption tax overview
- Tax obligations of a company other than corporate income tax and consumption tax
- Penalties for non-compliance


- 報告義務

- 主なコンプライアンスの期限

- 外部監査要件

- 会社登記簿の更新が必要な場合

- 株主・取締役決議の必須項目

- 日本の法人税・消費税の概要

- 法人税・消費税以外の会社の納税義務

- コンプライアンス違反の罰則規定

Date & Time


November 9th (Thursday),2023 15:00~15:30 (JST)





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Free of charge




BDO Solicitor Co.Solicitor​ Partner

Japan Federation of Solicitor​’s Associations


Masayuki has over 10 years of legal advisory experience in Japan.
Masayuki began his career with a Tokyo-based solicitor firm. In 2017, he established an independent solicitor office and became a legal advisor for BDO Tax Co. (Japan).
While working at the solicitor firm, he was mainly engaged in incorporation and real estate registrations. Since becoming independent, he has, besides incorporation services, also provided legal advisory services for corporations as well as family trust/succession inheritance procedures support services and adult guardianship services for individuals.
He established BDO Solicitor​ Co. and became a partner upon its founding in July 2022.
He has also provided legal advisory and corporate secretarial services for domestic and international companies.


BDO Tax Co.


Ginesthe Daeli

Gines is in her 2nd year working in accounting and tax compliance sphere with experience both in America and Japan. She started her career working in a New York based US CPA firm Japan branch where she prepared both monthly & annual F/S and CIT return for Japanese companies in America according to US GAAP.

She joined BDO Japan in November 2022 and engages in accounting, treasury and tax compliance services for foreign-based companies in Japan. In addition, she is involved in incorporation project, acting as coordinator between foreign-based companies and legal team (BDO Solicitor Co.). Moreover, she also provides support on opening a bank account in Japan as a coordinator between companies and bank staff.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Business Administration in the Faculty of Economics – Teikyo University, Japan


BDO Tax Co.


Van Le

Van has around 3 years of experience in accounting and tax compliance services in Japan.
Van started her career with a consulting firm in Japan, where she provided consulting services to Japanese clients to expand their business to Vietnam and conducted accounting works to Japanese clients.

She joined BDO Japan in March 2022 and engaged in accounting/bookkeeping, treasury and tax compliance services for foreign-based clients. She also assists Partner in introducing Japanese financial & tax systems in Japan to the clients who has plan to expand to Japan and provides them with cross-border tax advisory services as a member of Global Desk team. In addition, she co-ordinates with the clients in company incorporation services and bank account opening support services.

Bachelor of Economics (BEc) in International Business Economics - Foreign Trade University, Vietnam



BDO Tax Japan/Business Engineering Corporation


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