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Why company adopt cloud service? 4 benefits for using cloud service.
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Why company adopt cloud service? 4 benefits for using cloud service.

"Cloud " service is used not only Personal  but also Business use over the past few years. Information and Communication White Paper 2020 of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, "Trends in cloud service usage in enterprises",  says that the number of the  companies have used Cloud services is increasing 2-10% every year.


Cloud computing system is expanding in Japan, and become popular. Having said that we believe not a few people do not  think of it realistically. Now this article leads you  "The reason why many people choose Cloud service" and "What is the benefits for using it" with basic idea's of Cloud computing.


What is Cloud service?

Cloud is people can use any service through internet without purchasing any hardware or software, and we can say Cloud computing is saving and operating the data on the Cloud service. There are so many cloud service from  business  till personal use  recently.


For example,

・Web mail:Gmail, Yahoo mail

・Collaborative software:Office365, Cybozu

・Business Card management system:Sansan, Eight

・Online Storage:Box

・SNS:Twitter, Instagram


As described somehow Cloud service is used casually, what is the benefits for adopting it?


4Benefits for using Cloud service

Compare with On-premise type and Install type


Possible to reduce the initial cost

The most important benefit  is saving the initial cost because they do not require any developing  system or equipment. If companies purchase hardware and install software, they need the costs of them and also labor cost  is charged for doing this. Cloud service can provide no expenditure for any hardware,  installation and initial cost.   Work volume and hours for implementation  can be minimized, so can save labor cost.


Work anywhere/suitable for Work From Home or BCP

As we say Cloud service do not require any hard and soft ware. Therefore we can use this service anywhere as long as we have an online connection such as homes, destinations  and satellite office. If any national disaster or terrorism occur, possible to continue the businesses, which means it is very suitable for Business Continuous Plan. One of the reason why we have a huge progress for cloud computing is that we need to stay home and work from home under  COVID-19 situation.


Auto maintain and renew versions/ possible to use latest infrastructure

Installation and on premise type systems need to finalize for  server maintenance or updating software, and need other cost for upgrade. On the other hand there is no work and cost for upgrade. Because cloud vendor upgrade versions on regular basis, always keep latest version without any problems such as same service has different infrastructures.


④ Flexibilty/Scailability

Cloud service can add and delete resources easier than on premise type, so possible to avoid overinvestment or shortage. Most of cloud services can provide API for linking  other cloud service or applications, so possible to work efficiency and deduct extra work. Hence important resources and functions can be customized when they are required is one of the benefit for Cloud service.



What is the effect for accounting and financials

We will show you our effect and benefit of accounting cloud service.


・Grasp up to date business conditions

One of the benefit for accounting cloud service is that you can get latest business numbers anytime. You can see transactions and journalized numbers on the accounting forms immediately. Do not need to wait for accounting forms from accountants, which means you can grasp your business conditions instantaneously, possible to make a original report from that data.


・Adapt newest accounting law

Accounting law is amending in regular basis. By auto renewal system, cloud service can provide newest version for suitable latest law without any your actions.


Hence Cloud accounting services perform very important role to get your business conditions for management decision in real time


One of the reason to recommend GLASIAOUS

GLASAOUS is Cloud international accounting and ERP service and it's cost is 29,800yen/month onward. It has all cloud service benefits which we say above, and compare with other cloud service possible to use flexible to meet company's condition and their demand, too.

We will show you advantage points of GLASIAOUS by usages.


<Case 1>Supervise for Overseas branches: More than 25 countries, 1100 companies experiences.

GLASIAOUS has multi currencies and languages has performed for the enterprises which has overseas branches. And it is suitable for Multiple accounting standards and multi national tax systems. In addition, 1. Visualise by outsourcing and monitoring, 2. Cosourcing with professional advise, 3. Possible to use Cloud ERP for your current phase.


Details: What is Cloud Global accounting service [GLASIAOUS]?

<Case 2> Use for Domestic accounting management
Prepare for IPO, Strengthen for internal control

GLASIAOUS has started as a global accounting cloud service, it has used for domestic definitely. Typical could accounting service is easy to start, on the other hand, their functions are for only sole proprietor or small to medium enterprises, which means it is not enough for major corporations and to strengthen for internal control.  It is said that "Cloud accounting service is not mature for the company before IPO and major corporation " but regarding that point, GLASIAOUS has functions which is IFRS, multi-level department management, multi-stage allocation and approval process for those companies.



At present travel to overseas and working at office are restricted, cloud accounting service become indispensable. If you are keen to have cloud accounting service, never mind about company scale or global & domestic, please let us know.


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