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Global Multisite Management ~3 issues and the solution~
Global Multisite Management ~3 issues and the solution~


Having issues in managing overseas branches?

There are many reasons to have overseas subsidiaries, such as expansion of supply chain and cost optimization. However, the more branches you have, the more likely you are to face higher management, frequent miscommunication and some branches in “Black box”.

Especially When it comes to overseas branches, physical distance and differences in language, culture, and business customs add to the difficulties.


Global Multisite Management ~3 issues and the solution

1. Taking too much time and effort to collect management and accounting information.

Head office goes through many procedures to overcome differences in language and the format of financial statements depending on the branches.”

Most head offices collect financial data from the overseas branches periodically. However, it is common that subsidiaries submit their reports in their own format and language at different times. If you unify them manually, it may lead to mistakes and take much time to understand clearly. Even after managing to consolidate data, you might find something you need to ask the subsidiaries to clarify. However, it is not always the case that you get suitable answer quickly from all the branches to your queries.


2. Difficult to standardize

Global standard vs. local rules 
Cannot control management system of all the subsidiaries” “How can I analyze and compare their performance?”

The proper management and operation depend on the size and functional role of the office. At the small or start-up offices, the staffs may manage the billing with Excel and outsource their financial book-keeping, while at the mature offices their own staffs process the accounting using software selected by themselves.

The more branches you have, the more things you need to take into account, which makes it less practical to standardize their operation. As a result, they delegate the management to the overseas offices (*refer to next paragraph). In addition to diversified management method, the data controlled at each office are again different in quality and quantity, which makes it extremely complicated to compare and analyze their performance.


3.Overseas Branch in “Black Box” 

No other way but to trust them as we cannot control local management.”

When the head office cannot take control of all the overseas office unitarily, the local staffs construct the original operation system. Therefore, the head office can’t exactly tell how the local operation works- which is called “Black-boxification”- and have no choice but to accept their reports without checking the process. Even for the head office managing overseas offices with internal control in mind, it is no easy task to visualize all the branchesequally.


Keys to solution – What “GLASIAOUS” can do

1.Taking too much time and effort to collect management and accounting data⇒ Unified document format / Multilingual cloud system available anytime and anywhere

Collect financial data in the format convenient for analysis on the cloud system that overcomes the language barrier and physical

Collect the accounting reports in the same format and save your time and effort to unify the format, which reduces the risk of mistakes and helps effective analysis at the head office. Cloud system allows you access when it is convenient for you, and multilingual system helps you overcome the language barrier. GLASIAOUS, with these two features, helps smooth communication between the head office and branches by referring to the same data in their own language.


①GLASIAOUS works for outputting the local financial data in the format of head office’s standard and realize various analysis.

・With the function to control multiple templates of financial statements, GLASIAOUS produces the statements based on the headquarters standard using the transactions inputted by the local staffs.


GLASIAOUS offers various analysis items , such as, comparison between budget and actual amounts, year-over-year, interdivisional and multisite. It lets you drill down from the reports to individual journal entries.




②Multilingual cloud system

GLASIAOUS available in English Japanese, Chines(Traditional/Simplified), Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian, you can resister names of accounting items, departments, and vendors/customers in multiple languages. Machinery translation is also available for memo and description.

You can attach evidence file to each journal voucher and talk about the voucher in the  chat room with machinery translation, which contributes to efficient communication by helping you post clear queries while sharing the same data.


2.Global standard vs. local rules ⇒ Collect information in the same format while maintaining reasonable and sustainable management system for each local Office.

Achieve both operations optimized for each local office and unified management at head office


GLASIAOUS is not only used as accounting system for overseas branches but also as BPO platform and as collective platform for local systems.


(To learn more, see this page.)


Invoicing function realizes “co-sourcing”, which works as follows;

1)CreateCreate invoices on GLASIAOUS at local office

2)Share the auto-created accounting journal with accounting office

3)Ask them to review, advise and support fiscal closing


* GLASIAOUS is the service consisting of experts’ knowledge and IT, which adds to its unique competence. Feel free to contact the consortium secretariat if you do not know which firm you should contact by pressing [Contact Us].



3.Overseas Branch in “Black Box” ⇒Visualization of local operation with cloud ERP system and specialist.

With the modules of sales, purchase and inventory , GLASIAOUS works also as cloud ERP. Head office can refer to the backlog, balance in stores, and the gross profit per product/each client.

Upon your request, GLASIASOUS Consortium provides consulting service for building internal control and fraud prevention.



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