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7 things to consider to find out best cloud for you - Everything is for what you want to achieve -
7 things to consider to find out best cloud for you - Everything is for what you want to achieve -

Under travel restrictions and migration to teleworking, "cloud" has emerged again as one of the topics getting people's attention.

On the other hand, you might wonder "What is so great about it?" or "Too many to choose can I find the right one?".

Here are the essence of cloud and 7 things to consider.


Make clear first (and never forget) "what you want to achieve".

Simply imagine what you need to change about your operation or what you wish it to be like.
Do not think about cloud - as cloud is nothing more than one of the possible ways to your goal.

What you want to achieve must always come first in order to get the desirable result.
It might sound trite, but be careful not to mistake the means for the end.










Let's see now if cloud helps achieve your goal.


The essence of cloud 

Use of cloud means 2 things.

(1) Availability at any time and place (e.g. teleworking platform, "visualization" of overseas subsidiaries)
(2) Outsourcing of maintenance (e.g. automated upgrading, maintenance of security level)

It is meaningful to step forward to research of cloud solution if the 2 above work in positive way for your goal.
If they do not, cloud is not likely to be a good choice.



According to a survey to our clients in August 2020,  64% of the companies looking for cloud solution answered they expect cloud to "let us telework", "let us see how our overseas branches are doing from the headquarter", and "free us from the burden of system maintenance, upgrades and regular security test."


Now you may see some potential benefits, while feeling some concerns at the same time.
And the question on how to find the best one remains yet to be answered.

So let's proceed to the discussion on how to hedge the potential risks and how to make the correct choice.


7 things to consider -Hedge the risks and find the best solution-

(1) Scope

Most SaaS servicers provide plans so that subscribers can select which functions to use. Specify the operation to do on cloud, and you will see which plan is best for you.

(e.g.) Taking time and efforts to issue hard-copy invoices. This paper-dependent operation forces the staff to go to office. ⇒ We need cloud software for paperless invoicing. 



(2) Users

Imagine who will use it - and then where, for which job.

(e.g.) The accounting team members of the headquarter, at their home, check and approve the journals from overseas subsidiaries.

The more detailed this image gets, the more clear the points to check become.

(e.g.) "Is the software and its support desk available in our language?" "Do they provide online manual?"




(3) Service continuity

As mentioned above, one thing cloud means is outsourcing of maintenance. Make sure to confirm who is the provider, and check their service level.








(4) Security & Access control

Some people may say they are afraid of going cloud due to concerns over security. Most cloud platform providers invest in security control far more than an IT department of a single company does, but pay attention not just to the application side, but also to the security level of the cloud .







(5) Case studies

Case studies helps you imagine the way to start using it and how much it is likely to contribute to your goal achievement. It is desirable to study how it is working for those who have something common with you - industry, business scale, the issue they have overcome by use of cloud for example. The number of cases itself stands for (3) service continuity.






(6) Steps & Schedule

Lay out the schedule and examine the feasibility. Ask the software provider to show the steps of implementation, discuss in each step who does what, and estimate how long each step takes. 










(7) Cost performance

Cost performance is not equal to the fee you pay. Consider if it contributes to your goal achievement at the price you find as reasonable. You get what you pay for - however cheap it is, you end up paying for nothing if it does not support your goal.
(e.g.) The goal : to improve efficiency ⇒ Compare the cost of current operation and the estimated cost of the same operation done on cloud.




Simulation : If you think of GLASIAOUS

To wrap up, let's simulate how to evaluate GLASIAOUS - our cloud-based global accounting & ERP service.

Let's say the goal is "to improve efficiency of remote management over overseas subsidiaries."


(1) Scope

Draw a picture of the whole operation you wish to do on cloud, and you'll see who will use which functions.

This picture shows the system where the headquarter sees and approves sales/purchase and accounting journals of its overseas subsidiary.















GLASIAOUS is a cloud ERP that has accounting, accounts receivable/payable, sales/purchase and inventory modules.

<Features & modules: See this page.>

It supports remote approval process, invoice issuance in multiple languages and services by partnered accounting firms.

<To learn more: See this page.>


(2) Users

In the picture above, users are in and from different countries.

The local sales person of  the overseas subsidiary inputs sales information and issues invoices. 

The accounting person of the headquarter, possibly at home,  see the financial statements of the overseas subsidiary, drill down to details, and approve the transactions.

The representative of the overseas subsidiary, back to the headquarter country and possibly at home, see gross profits per customer and per item.

The local staff of the accounting firm to which the overseas subsidiary outsource its book-keeping closes the fiscal month.


GLASIAOUS supports 7 languages, multiple currencies (unlimited) and multiple accounting standards.
Having been the platform for book-keeping service at accounting firms in different countries, the UI(user interface) is meant for efficiency and for people from different cultures.

(Output image)
















(Input image)

















(3) Sustainability

GLASIAOUS is developed and provided by Business Engineering Corporation, listed with the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

It has been selected by 1,100+ companies in 25+ countries and working as the platform of service delivery by the members of GLASIAOUS Consortium.

Based on Microsoft Azure, the cloud base is also highly available and resilient.

<GLASIAOUS Consortium: members>


(4) Security & Access control

GLASIAOUS is based on Microsoft Azure, renowned for world-top class security.

The application function controls accessible menus and authority (reference/updating/approval), which contributes to internal control.

And you can see who did what on Log reference menu.



















(5) Case studies

Some case studies are open on the website. Other cases include for instance the one where the headquarter sees the financial statements of overseas subsidiaries in the preferable language through collecting accounting transactions without replacing the system at the subsidiaries.  

teleworking : Pieroth Japan K.K. (Germany, Japan)

single system for group companies: Global Innovation Consulting Inc. (Myanmar, the Philippines, the U.S., Japan)


(6) Steps & Schedule

The implementation goes as shown in the picture below. The general accounting of GLASIAOUS (Standard Pack) can be setup in approx. 5 business days. 

The document set for initial setup and training (Quick Start) helps minimizing the lead time for Step 3 and 4.

<What is Quick Start?: See this page.> 


(7) Cost performance

GLASIAOUS is available from 300 USD/month. 
To simulate how much efficiency is improved, the case studies of the accounting firms would help.


GLASIAOUS for Overseas Management & Teleworking in the With-Corona Era

GLASIAOUS contributes to teleworking of accounting jobs and business administration of remote subsidiaries under travel restriction.
Contact us if your goal is likely to be achieved through these.

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