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【50% OFF subscription for 6 months】Go cloud now - Start GLASIAOUS with Quick Start.
【50% OFF subscription for 6 months】Go cloud now - Start GLASIAOUS with Quick Start.

We support DX(Digital Transformation) for teleworking.

Teleworking, as a new-normal work style, has attracted much attention of business people since the world-wide pandemic of COVID-19 broke out.

Still, some people are having difficulties in going remote.
We've talked with accounting members going to office to fetch hard-copy documents, and representatives of overseas subsidiaries forced to go back to the headquarter by corona crisis.


One way to overcome their difficulties is DX with cloud.
As the basis of remote operation, cloud helps going paperless and remote communication/ management.

You may have concerns like "Maybe we need the assistance by some IT vendor, while our budget is limited..." "Implementation sounds like a long-term project...".

That's why we offer this limited opportunity - implement GLASIAOUS by yourself, and subscribe it at half price for 6 months


Quick Start for your teleworking - Limited offer for going cloud

How to Sign Up
Who are eligible

Users starting subscription of GLASIAOUS for the first time / for first 50 applications (*1)

Offer on Monthly Subscription Fee

50% OFF for the first 6 months

  • - applied to Standard Pack and Premium Pack of Value Plan
  • Value Plan discounts subscription fee  per ID by subscribing 3 or more IDs for more than 2 years. (*2)
  • To see the menus included in Standard Pack and Premium Pack, go to this page.

Offer on Initial

Set-up Fee

Self implementation(master registration and balance migration) by the user backed up by Quick Start cuts the initial fee. (*3)

No fee applies for use of Quick Start.

Application period

From February 1st, 2021 to April 30th, 2021

(*1)This offer is applied to the users who sign up for GLASIAOUS subscription for the first time.

(*2)The cancellation fee applies for midterm cancellation of Value Plan.

(*3)Quick Start is the package of documents and tools for initial setup of GLASIAOUS by yourself. For details, see this page.
  You are expected to migrate transactions by yourself if necessary. (GLASIAOUS has import function for transaction data.)


↓Sign Up Now↓

Comment "going cloud" on the form.


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GLASIAOUS is the cloud-based global accounting service selected by 850+ companies in 25+ countries and regions.

In addition to multiple languages, currencies and accounting standards, it supports approval process and file sharing to help going paperless and remote communication.

With no customization, you can use your current accounting item, compare budget vs. actual, and see financial statements by department, customer, segment, project etc.


These features have helped teleworking at accounting department and remote business administration of overseas subsidiaries.

★Case study: Pieroth Japan K.K. - Paperless Teleworking Supported by Use of Cloud


What is Quick Start

While GLASIAOUS has some complex functions in order to support use in different countries and of different requirement level, Quick Start lets you implement GLASIAOUS by yourself instead of outsourcing the initial setup to IT vendor. 

The major advantages of self implementation are;

No outsourcing fee = Initial fee cut off 

No outsourcing        = total control over the implementation schedule


Quick Start is the package of documents and tools for initial setup of GLASIAOUS by yourself.

for Entry Pack, Standard Pack and Premium Pack (*a)


  ① Material list

  ② Initial setup tool (for master registration & balance migration)

  ③ Initial setup guide

  ④ Training manual

<③Initial setup guide/④Training manual Video learning(*b)>









*a) To see the menus included in each Pack, go to this page.

*b) available in English, Japanese, Chinese (simplified), and Thai languages as of the end of December 2020.


Start DX for teleworking. Enjoy 50% OFF for 6 months (limited for 50 applications)

Contact us freely50  to sign up or learn more about teleworking on GLASIAOUS.

This offer is limited to first 50 applications - Never miss this opportunity!


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Comment "going cloud" on the form.

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