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How GLASIAOUS works to overcome the issues concerning teleworking for accounting people
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How GLASIAOUS works to overcome  the issues concerning teleworking for accounting people

Is your accounting team working at office? 

Under the epidemic of COVID-19, it may sound like working at home has become nothing special any more. However, is that true for your accounting team?
Referring to our recent survey, let's discuss today what keeps the accounting members at office and what may let them work at home.


Hindrance against teleworking from the viewpoints of accounting specialists

GLASIAOUS Consortium held a meeting on May 18th 2020 to share the insights in business under the pandemic of COVID-19.

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The survey taken prior to the meeting revealed the major factors preventing accounting people from working at home included concerns over security, approval process and paper-dependent operation.


GLASIAOUS, our cloud-based global accounting and ERP service, address these issues in the following ways.


How GLASIAOUS lets your accounting team work at home

Functional features 


1.High-level security supported by Microsoft Azure

GLASIAOUS, based on Microsoft Azure, renowned for its high-level availability and resilience, protects your confidential data on cloud.


2.Approval function available on cloud

Your approval process can be done online by using the approval function of GLASIAOUS. The log reference menu allows the administrator to watch who did what at what time.

(Approval status: sample)


(Log Reference : sample)


3.File sharing platform 

Upload the evidence files such as invoices or receipts from your smartphone or other preferable smart device, and attach them to journal vouchers.
*Free-of-charge app is available on Apple Store and Google Play.


★To learn more about the features, see this page.

★Case study: Pieroth Japan K.K. - Paperless Teleworking Supported by Use of Cloud


Quickly ready

The preparation process below will take approx. 5 business days at earliest.

The document set "Quick Start" helps shorten STEP 03: Initial Setup.

<About Quick Start: See this page.>


Summary: How GLASIAOUS works for teleworking

1.Overcomes the problems concerning teleworking of accounting business 

◆concerns over security

 ⇒protected by world-class security level of Microsoft Azure

◆approval process

 ⇒approval function and the log available on cloud

◆paper-dependent process

 ⇒evidence documents available on cloud

2.Ready for use in a week


Feel free to contact us for more details.

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