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【Limited Offer 2】Business Management in the Post-COVID-19 Era – Try our cloud service GLASIAOUS for free
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【Limited Offer 2】Business Management in the Post-COVID-19 Era – Try our cloud service GLASIAOUS for free

1.Bottleneck on Reorganization of Business Process

Dozens of new COVID-19 infections are still reported every day around the world, making the impacts on business long-term.


In Japan, 539 companies had to postpone the fiscal accounting closing that originally was scheduled in March(*1).

While we Business Engineering Corporation(B-EN-G) managed to avoid it, the members of the accounting department say they experienced unprecedented hard work this year.

It is reported that 470 companies have so far been driven bankrupt due to the epidemic (*2).

It sounds reasonable to suspect more companies are suffering from shortage in cash.

*1) (JP)

*2) (JP)


Some companies are starting to work on reorganization of business process in order to adopt working at home and remote control as the permanent measure instead of as temporary expedients.

However, business process based on hard copies and the accounting system inaccessible outside the office often hamper accounting members from teleworking.


Try our cloud accounting service GLASIAOUS as a way to alleviate the bottleneck -  

GLASIAOUS Consortium and B-EN-G offer it for free for 3 months.


Apply now


Start the message with “Promotion teleworking.”



2.The Pains Experienced Now – How about you?

Compared to the state of confusion in the “corona shock” at the beginning of the epidemic, the pains experienced by the companies now come from the fact that they need to reorganize the business process to make the measure permanent.


(1)Little budget and human resource
 -It costs limited human resource to change the business process that involves hard-copy processing.

 - The budget to change the system is not enough.

(2)Time-consuming and draining data collection especially from overseas subsidiaries

 -It takes too much time to collect and confirm the data necessary for accounting closing.

 -Without anyone from the headquarter at the subsidiary, the headquarter has no choice but to trust the submitted documents.

(3)Restriction on traffic

 -Considering it as a risk to expatriate people from the headquarter, some companies now seek a new overseas management method.



Here are the solutions by GLASIAOUS.


(1)Little budget and human resource?

 -You can start using it in 5 days at the earliest. GLASIAOUS Support Team helps initial setup and offers free-of-charge training video & web manual.

  ▶App/Support – How to Start

 -GLASIAOUS subscribers are eligible for IT introduction subsidy in Japan.

  ▶News – GLASIAOUS Users are Now Eligible for IT Introduction Subsidy in Japan.  (JP)


(2)Time-consuming and draining data collection especially from overseas subsidiaries?

 -Available in multiple languages, GLASIAOUS lets you cross-border book-keeping. Watch the video clip to see how it works.

  ▶Overseas Management in the Post Corona Era – How GLASIAOUS Contributes

 -GLASIAOUS makes the business process flexible. See the case study that describes temporary book-keeping for the overseas subsidiary at the headquarter.

  ▶【導入事例】モンゴル子会社の会計処理をタイムリーに管理 国境を越えた会計業務の分担と最適化を実現/TECRA


(3)Restriction on traffic?

 -Not just at the overseas subsidiaries, GLASIAOUS works as the accounting system at the headquarter. The case study below features global system unification by GLASIAOUS.

  ▶Unifying the accounting system in four countries leads to better management, speedy consolidation, and facilitates quicker executive decisions and smarter strategies.

 -Is it costly or risky to keep books by yourself? Outsource it to our global partners – the members are experts in cross-border business management.

  ▶GLASIAOUS Consortium – Membership


To learn more about the functions, see this page.

To see FAQ, refer to this page.


4.Why Now?

In order to design the permanent measure, research and try-and-error process are the indispensable steps.


If you hope that the coming fiscal closing goes smart, complete these steps in this autumn - the end of the year is the busiest season for the accounting members.


Apply now and take advantage of this opportunity to try GLASIAOUS for free for 3 month!


5.Our Solution & Offer – Telework on GLASIAOUS

Who are eligible

①Corporations migrating from non-cloud accounting system to GLASIAOUS (available in 7 languages / supports multi-currency transactions)(*1), and ②Corporations that have at least one overseas subsidiary/branch, Accounting firms in Thailand, Vietnam, India and Japan.

Monthly Subscription Fee

Free for the first 3 months.

No charge for cancellation during the first 3 months.


Set-up Fee

Free for the migration from the following software(*2);

Express(Thailand) / MISA(Vietnam) /FAST(Vietnam)/ Tally(India)/MYOB /Quick Book / Other Made-In-Japan accounting software

Application period

Apr 1st, 2020 – Sep 30th, 2020

(*1) The available module is limited to general accounting. Other modules including AP/AR and Sales are not offered for this promotion.

(*2) Balance migration is offered for free by B-EN-G. The applicants are expected to perform transaction migration by themselves.


Apply now


Start the message with “Promotion teleworking.”


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