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Overseas Management in the Post Corona Era – How GLASIAOUS Contributes
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Overseas Management in the Post Corona Era – How GLASIAOUS Contributes

”Traffic” comes in first as the issue in overseas management of the post corona era.


In Tokyo, over 100 people every day have been reported as newly infected with COVID-19 since the beginning of July. Although it is not easy to estimate exactly, one thing obvious is that COVID-19 will have long-term impacts on the business.


Compared to the situation in April and May under the intense tension of “coronavirus crisis,” it has been said that the world now faces the age of “new normal” or “post corona”, in which business continuity depends on how we accommodate our business practice to the radically changed society and lifestyle.


In particular, the issue of human traffic is critical among our clients doing international business. It is their common view that they need to control overseas subsidiaries at the head office instead of expiating employees. One of the GLASIAOUS Consortium members pointed out from the viewpoint of business owner that suspension of overseas travel has highlighted the insufficient knowledge of the representative at overseas subsidiaries in financial management and the absence of local manager.


How GLASIAOUS contributes to overseas management at the head office


As the provider of GLASIAOUS, cloud-based international accounting & ERP service, Business Engineering Corporation gives one example.

The video clip below digests the demonstration performed in the recent webinar;  


The overseas subsidiary(China office) and the head office(in Japan) completes book-keeping through communication on GLASIAOUS.

  • PIC at China office uploads a snapshot of a bill by his smartphone.
  • PIC at China office creates a journal to which the snapshot(1) is attached.
  • PIC at the head office reviews the journal(2).
  • PICs communicate on GLASIAOUS to correct the error in the journal(2).



  • Functional features
    • Compatible smartphone app
    • Evidence attachment
    • Auto-translation of messages
    • Chatroom etc
  • The Chinese language skill of the demonstrator (manager of Cloud Technology Development Dept.)




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 (This article was written by Matsumoto and translated by Onishi @Business Engineering Corp.)

(The demonstration was performed by Hori @Business Engineering Corp.)

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Overseas Management in the Post Corona Era – How GLASIAOUS Contributes